August 15, 2022
Should you take the IELTS again? The answer lies in this man’s story.
Should you take the IELTS again? The answer lies in this man’s story.

“Nigeria, the evil you have done is enough. Three years journey finally paid off after writing IELTS exams five times,” wrote Miyuwa, announcing he had migrated to Canada after attempting the IELTS 5 times before succeeding in achieving his desired score.

Source: Twitter

Soon after the man’s tweet, Twitter broke out into a flurry of opinions with some lauding the man for his resolve with a few others slamming him for criticising his motherland. If there’s one thing everyone agreed on, it was that it takes tremendous courage and resolve

Beyond the noise, an important question arises –

“Should you take the IELTS again if you didn’t make it the first time?”

My answer to this question is a series of counter-questions — “How badly do you want it? How badly do you want that dream job in your dream country? How badly do you want to study at the university of your dreams?”

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The answer is just that simple. You cannot forego the IELTS if you have a burning desire to study or move abroad. It is a mandatory test which is your actual passport into the university and institution of your dreams.

Yes, it takes determination, practice and training. It probably won’t be easy if you’re not a natural at the English language and require professional help. However, help is available! You can obtain personal training, use online resources and achieve your desired score.

If you have the will to succeed and the courage to dream, all you now need is a good IELTS score and you’ll be all packed to live your dream life. As an IELTS trainer, I’ve witnessed the most diffident people become confident and determined when it came to fulfilling their dream of going abroad. So I’m passing the mic to you now, it’s time for you to take centre stage. You can take the IELTS as many times as you want, but if you want to succeed the next time you take it, here’s the help you need!

As the famous Paulo Coelho wrote, “Fall seven times, Stand up eight”, and so we must emulate! After all, Greatness comes at the cost of giving it your 100%.

Are you ready? Reach out to me today at and let’s get you started.


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